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Javo Consultancy Ltd

Professional Management System Consultant

Set up in February 2017 as a registered limited company, Javo Consultancy is a family-run business with two directors, who are highly qualified associates with vast experience in business performance improvement. Both directors have committed to championing the cause of knowledge-driven, result-oriented, bespoke consulting services, where client objectives and interests are paramount to all actions.

With a rising and satisfied client base that placed their faith in our capability, the Javo performance-based consulting has delivered measurable results in key areas from business process enhancement to certification achievement and establishing management systems in various verticals.

Our strength lies in our knowledge and ability to establish a long-lasting relationship with all clients, who look at us as partners more than consultants. Whether you are running an established business or only starting, Javo Consultancy will focus to transform your business in line with your objectives and set it on a path to sustained business growth.

Each client is unique and requires a tailored approach before any process improvement can begin. It is all about empathy, knowledge, and understanding. With years of exposure to different business environments, ‘Javo Team’ has established a strong business consulting record based on a long list of satisfied clients built on trust, service, competence, and results.

If you are exploring the possibility of identifying a suitable consultant / external auditor for improving your management system, give us a call today or fill out our contact form and one of our associates will get back to you immediately. To date, clients to whom the ‘Javo Team’ has been appointed, have resulted a 100% track record of reaching all standards.  Recent client references are available on request.

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Our Story

The managing director (MD) has vast knowledge and expertise in the management system and holds Lead Auditor qualification for ISO 9001. Formal academic qualifications are also held in Security and Risk Management (a BA degree), General Management (a MBA degree), IOSH Managing Safely, and a Level 3 Award Safety for Managers. The MD is currently studying toward a NVQ Level 6 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety with expected completion in December 2024.  

The operations director has vast knowledge and expertise in health and safety and fire safety and holds a Level 6 Diploma in Applied Health and Safety, and a Level 5 Diploma in Fire Safety. Formal industry certifications are also held in Environmental Sustainability, Risk Management, and Fire Risk assessment. The operations director is a Graduate Member of IOSH and a full member of IFSM.  

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Your Strategic Partner

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ISO 9001 certification and consulting

Win more business.
Create consistent, repeatable processes.
Stand out from competitors.
Improve efficiency.
Impress existing clients.
Engage your staff.
Achieve operational excellence.
Suitable for all businesses.
Save money.

ISO 9001 is the world’s most recognised quality management system standard, established by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO). ISO 9001 helps organisations implement clear, repeatable processes to maintain a quality service for their customers every time. Achieving ISO 9001 accreditation will help you establish a Quality Management System (QMS) that will help you increase productivity, win new business and save money.

Health & Safety, fire safety audits and risk assessments

Ensure that the business is compliant with up-to-date health and safety training, regulations and other applicable codes of practice.
Ensure there are robust systems in place to manage risks, protect the workforce and prevent accidents from happening.
Confirm that adequate systems are in place to monitor compliance and review the management techniques regularly.
Ensure that the risk profile of the business is up to date, reflected in the risk management strategy, and that a procedure is in place for it to be updated regularly.
Assess whether policies, procedures and duties are clearly set out and obtainable to employees, and to confirm whether the business provides appropriate training.
Understand whether there is a positive culture surrounding health and safety within the business and whether policies are being consistently complied with.
Identify areas of strength and areas where the current process could be improved, and to assist in the development of an action plan to implement those improvements according to best industry practice.
Improve the health and safety performance and wellbeing amongst employees.
Enhance productivity and reduce rates of worker absenteeism, injuries, accidents and the potential cost of litigation.

A health and safety audit assesses your workplace policies, processes, procedures, and systems, highlighting areas for improvement. A fire safety audit is an examination of your business premises and relevant documents by us to ascertain how your premises are being managed for fire safety. This comprehensive approach means that a health and safety and/ or fire safety audit can be an extremely valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. It can help you to identify potential risks before they turn into costly accidents or incidents. It can give you peace of mind of knowing that you are doing all you can to protect your employees, customers, and business.

Fire risk assessment is an organised look at what, in your work activities and workplace, could cause harm to people from fire. It will help determine the chances of a fire occurring and the dangers from fire that the workplace poses for the people who use it. A health and safety risk assessment is the process of identifying what hazards currently exist or may appear in the workplace. It defines which workplace hazards are likely to cause harm to employees and visitors.

Data Protection Compliance Assessment

Ensure and demonstrate that your organisation complies with the GDPR and avoids sanctions.
Inspire confidence in the public by improving communications about data protection issues.
Ensure your users are not at risk of their data protection rights being violated.
Enable your organisation to incorporate data protection by design into new projects.
Reduce operation costs by optimising information flows within a project and eliminating unnecessary data collection and processing.
Reduce data protection-related risks to your organisation.
Reduce the cost and disruption of data protection safeguards by integrating them into project design at an early stage.

This identifies and mitigates any data protection-related risks arising from a new project, which may affect your organisation or the individuals it engages with. It will allow you to make informed decisions about the acceptability of data protection risks and communicate effectively with the individuals affected.

Security Industry British Standards

Provide confidence to your customer of your products/ services.
Prove your services are operating in accordance with industry recognised British Standards.
British Standard Product Conformity is more cost-effective than other management systems.

British Standards Product Conformity Certification is a process by which your products/ services are assessed to conform to British Standards applicable to your industry. Compliance assures your customers that they will receive consistent products/ services due to the controls you have in place. British Standards Product Conformity is an excellent choice for any organisation wanting to ensure its products outshine competitors.

Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme

Customer-centric service – you demonstrate your commitment to customer service, responsiveness and adoption of best practices as a part of the approval process.
Best working practices – you can demonstrate that you and your team meet a high level of quality, integrity, and commitment.
Improve your reputation – it can help you stand out from the crowd. You are showcasing your integrity and positioning your company as a responsible one to work with. It shows your stakeholders you are committed to continual improvement.

The SIA Approved Contractor Scheme provides a universally recognised hallmark of quality for suppliers of private security services. The ACS accreditation mark enables procurers of private security services to distinguish between potential suppliers quickly, accurately, and objectively. It provides assurance that the accredited provider has met a clearly defined and independently assessed set of quality standards throughout their business. To achieve certification under the SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), each applicant needs to meet the requirements of the seven main headings beginning with Criterion 1 – Strategy through to Criterion 7 – Leadership.

Safer Security Scheme

Be able to demonstrate compliance to ISO9001.
Members of a professional security scheme that offers networking opportunities.
Recognition for any oversees operations.

It is designed for companies that meet the industry's technical standards and maintain an effective Quality Management System. It includes ISO9001 Quality Management and British Standards Codes of Practices criteria and shows your clients you take your responsibilities seriously.

COP 119

Demonstrate your commitment to meeting statuary and legal requirements and to the social, environmental and governance criteria within which the provision of service is delivered.
Contractors use COP 119 as a requirement when acquiring additional labour and using the COP 119 code ensures the quality, safety and reputation of their business while using your services.

COP 119 is a code of practice developed for security agents and aims to improve the effectiveness of security guarding service provisions. It enables companies providing labour to security companies to demonstrate best practice by holding independent certification in the scope of ‘provision of labour in the security and events sector’. This helps ensure that security standards are not compromised but instead maintained effectively whilst necessary contractual requirements are met. The scope of COP 119 covers all labour provision for companies operating in the regulated security and events sector.

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