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Employment Background/ Pre-employment Screening

Due to the recent grievances against employers which occurred in the US, it makes me wonder how companies can reduce risks regarding their employment background check/ pre-employment screening processes. Basically, when employers outsource these background checks from an external/ 3rd party background screening provider, it is important to fully comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 legislation ( and to "stick" to the following steps:

Firstly, employers must explain candidates the reason why there is a need for an employment background check/ pre-employment screening. Furthermore, businesses have to obtain employees’ written consent (“Authorization to Provide Information”) to do so prior to this check.

Secondly, companies are not allowed to send a “rejection letter” to a candidate until his/ her oral screening together with the AML/ credit check is done (a sample report can be downloaded at SampleAML-IDVerificationCheck). Only then, you can make a decision whether you recruit this person or not. In the case of a rejection outcome, you should fully explain the reasons how you have arrived at this conclusion.

Lastly, all organisations must adhere to the above stages when conducting employment background checks on their potential candidates. It is paramount to implement a comprehensive pre-employment screening policy. You also need to be careful when selecting a 3rd party employment background screening provider. I would personally suggest you to get in touch initially with your chosen pre-employment screening supplier and find out what services they can provide you with and how satisfied their current clients are with their performance. In this industry, the quality of employment background checks varies significantly from one company to another.

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